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Finally... An Affordable Solution For Mobile Apps

Businesses like yours want the power of having their business branded on their customers' phone, but the cost and complexity are overwhelming. Mobleez™ is an innovative, intuitive, and easy solution that will give you unprecedented access to your customers.

Choose Powerfully Easy Features

Our team and partners are always building powerful new apps that are available to our customers. Below are a few of the most popular features we offer.


Shopify Integration

Create categories, sections, design and easily customize your app to reflect the personality of your business through colors, fonts and features of your choice.


Image Gallery

Showcase your images in a familiar format with this beautiful image gallery. Organize images into folders for your users to browse and view in high fidelity.


Action Items

Creates an editable link button that navigates to the actual link. The links can be an action like calling a phone number, sending a text, email, opening a map or just an external link.


Time Release Content

If timing is everything then the “Timed Release Content” is the tool for success. Timed release content creates categories, adds features, elements and schedules the date and time they will appear.


Media Center

Create categorized manual entries of audio, video, and other stream media content. Keywords: MP4, stream, music, podcast, radio, and more!


RSS Feed

Sync your RSS feeds to give your users interactive, educational, content. Import your feed once and your new posts will automatically import.


Community Wall

When users perform an interactive action (i.e. liking a post, commenting on a post), other users in that group will even get an automated SMARTPush™ notification.



Create locations on the map and categorize them; add details, open hours, price range, custom actions, and other settings.


Social Wall Inbox

Inbox for premium social wall one on one threads



Community Feed allows users to follow other users and see public posts from followed users in a single feed. Community Feed is a companion plugin to Community Wall.



Easily sync your Google Calendar, Apple iCloud Calendar, or any other calendar with an iCal feed to keep your users and students up to date with your events.


User Profile Action

Customizable homepage that greets your user by name, has a customizable header, and allows you to add a toolbars, sections, titles, and images



Sync your Vimeo channel feed, user feed, or a single MP4 stream video and to give your users a fresh viewing experience.



The Contact Us plugin enables you to provide important contact information to your users such as hours of operation, instant directions, phone number, email, social links, and more.


Sound Cloud

With the SoundCloud plugin, simply enter your SoundCloud URL and automatically sync your tracks


Events Manual

Users can view events on a Map (Map View) or Monthly ListView. User can also buy tickets or take actions directly on the event page.



Stopwatch countdown


Coupons & Deals

The Coupon Feature provides your users with searchable and mappable coupons with an ability to filter.


Audio Media

Couple the Media Player with your Media Center to let your users create playlists to have an amasing, modern listening experience.



Sync your YouTube channel feed or a single steam video and to give your users a fresh viewing experience. When you upload new videos, they'll automatically be pulled into your app.


Seminars & Lecture Notes

This feature allows your students to create, save, and share notes on your class, seminar, lecture, or sermon. You can even embed images and videos and include links to PDFs, webpages, and other resources.



The People plugin allows you to include directory-like information about the people within your organization with pictures, contact info, bios, and even embed images and videos.



The PDF Viewer plugin allows you to link to external PDF files.



Unlike the 'punch card' methodology which limits what you can offer, the Loyalty Reward System feature helps you retain your customers by setting up your rewards program in a few easy steps.


Google Slides

Google Slides makes your ideas shine with a variety of presentation themes, hundreds of fonts, embedded video, animations, and more.


Flash Cards

Create a custom flashcard set. Tap to flip and swipe to slide functionality. With Flashcards you have the ability to customize the background color, gradient, and background image within the set.


Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is critical in gaining insight and creating better processes whether own a restaurant, small business, school, consulting, or any other type of company.



Real time weather forecast plugin provides user with all the right information. For user's current location or any place they wish.



Keep track of your business metrics with this feature by creating categories and updating how they performed based on parameters you set. Easily compare the performance of your metrics through time and improve your business with these valuable insights.



Simply enter your Facebook page URL to encourage your users to engage with you on social media.



Simple, beautiful scheduling. Say goodbye to email and phone tag for finding the perfect meeting time.


Google Sheets

Google Sheets makes your data pop with colorful charts and graphs. Built-in formulas, pivot tables and conditional formatting options save time and simplify common spreadsheet tasks.


Quiz Maker

Create surveys, quizzes, question and answers systems in your app. Create flexible responses, that can be set as text based or selection type answer.


To Do List

Create tasks on the go with descriptions, due dates and ability to change task status on the go. Due/past dates will update automatically; added users can add members to a team with each member having the ability also to create their own task.


Google Forms

Take surveys, plan your next camping trip, manage event registrations, whip up a quick poll, collect email addresses for a newsletter, create a pop quiz, and much more.


Google Docs

Google Docs brings your documents to life with smart editing and styling tools to help you easily format text and paragraphs. Choose from hundreds of fonts, add links, images, and drawings.


Check-In With Stripe Places

Your app users can view locations in a list or map view and filter based on the categories you set up and include pictures, contact information, instant directions, and even embed images and videos.


Focus Game

This game is meant to train your attention span. While its a simple game it is very addictive and has a social element keep your users engaged.



Simply enter your Twitter page URL to encourage your users to engage with you on social media.


Jot Form

JotForm Plugin allows you to link to external forms, web pages and documents simply by entering the page's URL.



Syncs a users Instagram feed & photo into the app.


Smooch Chat

Integrations with your favorite web apps lets you easily talk, support and sell to your customers in a seamless way, so you can focus on delivering the best service.


Placebag Online Ordering

Online ordering system used by leading restaurant brands, enabling easy website, mobile, and Facebook orders for customers

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